Pat was very kind! Very knowledgeable! Super friendly atmosphere! There was a returning customer who told me how well it worked for his pain! He’s 52 and is able to do triathlons!!! Trying the 500mg for stress and headaches! We will see how it does ????

Audra Auten

I Cant say enough about Glenna’s CBD Best Oil its truly become an important part of my daily routine! Having had knee surgery in both knees , a total hip replacement and a series of Panic attacks the 2000 CBD BEST OIL tincture has relieved most of my daily arthritis pain as well as my Anxiety! I can go hiking for miles in the woods again without fear of taking a dirt nap, I can speak in front of a groups my life long fear Amazing!
Glenna’s CBD Best Oil ,Locally Owned, Grown and processed by Glenna and her team this is a quality product I would recommend to anyone with Pain, Depression or Anxiety!

John Romero

As a prior athlete, Navy veteran, and now high school football official my body has taken a beating to say the least. This is my first year incorporating the triple relief 500mg salve into my recovery program and I am completely blown away with the results. Surprisingly enough, after officiating a football game your body hurts, Glenna’s triple relief salve keeps my legs fresh and ready to go before and after every game. 1000x better than Biofreeze or Icy hot.. I cant get enough of this stuff, what an incredible product!

Ryan Carpenter

I have a 14 yr old female beagle, Baby. Baby recently started urinating in the house and vomiting up her food. The vet told us she has a mass on her spleen and advised us to take her home and love and spoil her. Baby has always been super loved and super spoiled, so we amped that up. We also started giving her CBD best oil for pets. There’s been no more accidents or vomiting. Baby is living her best life!!

S Heberger

The Hemp Healing Serenity Lotion is amazing as both a preventive pre-workout lotion or for any muscle pain you may have. It is easily absorbed and smells great. These are natural products that really work!

City Chick

I have the face cream and its incredible for redness and sensitive skin! It Smells great too! Highly Recommended for a night cream!

Nicole Kazimer

CBD helps me ease the chronic pain from a traumatic teenage injury after a long hard day of work and my lower back is almost literally on fire. The best part is that it doesn’t affect your gut or liver the way NSAIDs do and it doesn’t share the dangerous drug interactions they have with them (like alcohol). And, it sure beats being addicted to opiate pain killers. Simply take a dose of it and within an hour you will forget the pain that once almost had you crippled on the ground.

Matt Hudson

Very friendly and helpful. If you’ve been wanting to try and your not sure, go here because all of your questions will be answered. I bought a tincture and salve for arthritis and I feel relief.

Genevieve Mcbryan

Amazing store. Amazing people. I suffer from a near crippling hand pain that this helps with immensely.


Glenna’s CBD Best Oil has great customer service. They really care about finding what works best for each individual issue.

Lisa-Courtney Holmes

I started taking the 500 mg CBD Best Oil Hemp Extract Tincture to address the insomnia I had been experiencing. I saw a difference the first night I took it! I’m so impressed, and can’t wait to try more of their products!


I have been using the tincture to help with CRPS nerve pain and also RA symptoms. This really helps with inflammation! My favorite product is the Triple Relief Salve!! This is the only product I’ve found to give immediate pain relief. Within 2 minutes you can feel it working. I use it multiple times a day and cannot go without.

Kat Sherman

I love the 1000 salve with the tangerine tincture it really helps my back pain and nothing else had helped except Glenna’s CBD. Great customer service also.

Matthew Trout

Great quality products, I use the Oil to help my anxiety and insomnia and it works amazing! Great customer service as well 🙂

Mikayla Delisanti

I love Glenna’s CBD Best Oil! I have insomnia and ever since I started using the 1000 Tangerine Tincture it helps me fall asleep and stay asleep all night

Grace Colaprete

Seriously and simply the best. Glenna and her staff have encyclopedic knowledge of their products and how they will benefit you. I bought balm for my FIL and 3 days later he told me it was working so well for his “new” knees that he wanted to try the oils as well to get a whole body benefit.

I bought the balm for myself as well and it really has helped my knees as well – they’re not as new as my FIL’s and hopefully with the balm’s help I can stave any medical intervention off a lot longer.

Melaine Berl

I use the 500 mg ointment on my shoulders. It works great at night ????. I need stronger for my back but plan on going in to get some. The oral works great also.

Laurie Packard

Tastes great and very friendly!!

Victoria Nicole Baez

The taste is delicious especially the tangerine

Emma Leona Rossiter

My husband and I both use CBD Best. He’s an athlete and finds that the salve is a near-instant cure for sore muscles after a hard training or a race. I have a lot of pain in my hands and wrists from crocheting (yeah, really) and the salve and the tincture help that a great deal. However, I also want to mention the excellent customer service. I had an issue with my last purchase and the owner of the company contacted me and made it right within 24 hours. I like a company that stands behind its product.

Vicki Robinson

I developed tendinitis in my ankle. I’ve been using a brace, taking ibuprofen, and icing it. Still, consistent pain for weeks. The day after starting use of the hemp salve…mostly pain free! I was a total skeptic.

Sarah Stevens

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, using CBD Best Oil tincture and ointment. I started using two CBD products shortly after my motorcycle accident. I bought CBD Hemp Healing Oinment (1000mg) and Hemp Extract Tincture (500mg) for inflammation, pain, and stress relief. I always look forward to my next visit at the store in the Eastview Mall. The employees are helpful and pleasant. Thank you for intoducing your products to NY.

Jackie Wallace

I have had several back surgeries and have delt with pain on a daily basis for many years. I would take Ibuprofen several times throughout the day for the pain. Then I was introduced to the Triple Relief Hemp Healing Ointment. I’ll admit I was skeptical at first, but the relief it provided is amazing. Since I started using the ointment I have not had to take any ibuprofen! I highly recommend the Triple Relief Hemp Healing Ointment for anyone that deals with pain on a daily basis, give it a try!!

Shawn VanderKamp

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