Seriously and simply the best. Glenna and her staff have encyclopedic knowledge of their products and how they will benefit you. I bought balm for my FIL and 3 days later he told me it was working so well for his "new" knees that he wanted to try the oils as well to get a whole body benefit.

I bought the balm for myself as well and it really has helped my knees as well - they're not as new as my FIL's and hopefully with the balm's help I can stave any medical intervention off a lot longer.

My son's seizures went from over 50 a day to less than 10 in one week taking the tincture twice a day. Can't thank you enough, it's changing our lives.

I love the Serenity lotion, I have arthritis in my hands & now my feet and nothing seem to help my feet. Some days I can barely walk, it hurts so much. I use the Serenity lotion and put it on first thing in the morning and I'm good to go for the day.  If I walk a lot may stop and put on one more time but it helps me so much. I also take the tincture drops at night to sleep through the night. I also give my cat who has leukemia the pet cbd tincture and even though he has lost weight he is still eating all his food everyday and I think it has prolonged his life. Thank you so much.

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