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Product Testimonials

Best smelling and effective CBD lotion! We use it everyday on our dry hands, cuts, and skin. Been a lifesaver this winter.

Serenity Lotion 
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Recently,I had a severe injury to my shoulder, mostly from overuse issues .. My Acupuncturist treated me and completed the session with an application of Triple Relief Salve Ointment. Within minutes I felt relief and continued applying the Salve 3 times a day for 4 days . I went from intense pain with zero range of motion, to complete mobility and no pain at all. Great combo of treatment and this CBD Salve. I am in health care and have recommended this salve to several of my patients since.

Triple Relief Salve Ointment 
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Used on my shoulder. Really took the pain away. Have used it for years. I even put it on my cuts and scrapes. They heal faster.

Healing Salve with Colloidal Silver 
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I had a car accident and suffered with a torn rotator cuff. After two surgeries and all kinds of medication I do not have full use of my arm and have severe pain that the doctors say I will have for the rest of my life. Once I started taking the tincture I could not believe the relief. The pain subsided almost immediately. I recommend anyone who has severe pain to use the tincture.

Flavored Tinctures 
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