Glenna’s CBD Concentrates

Shopping at Glenna’s (12 Corners) was a wonderful experience. Very knowledgeable about their products and the products are excellent quality. I’ve tried other CBD Tinctures with mediocre results, with Glenna’s I could taste the full spectrum and my pain level has definitely decreased while my mood has increased.
Highly recommended for anyone seeking a good quality CBD product.


Friendly and answered our questions. What a difference between this product and the one i was using! Will be buying again.


Glenna is a fountain of info. She helped me and spoke to me for about 20 mins. VERY HELP FULL! Thank you!


I used on my shoulder and it took the pain away. Have used it for years and even put it on my cuts and scrapes. They heal much faster. Also works on burns.

Patrick E. 

This product has made my life easier, from my back, neck legs….I’ve used this product for several years at nearly 70 I’ll keep using for hopefully several more. Try it and you maybe you’ll be leaving a testimonial.

Chuck Phillips 

Calmed my barking dog down! Great for his hip pain too!

Alicia Smith 

Best smelling and effective CBD lotion! We use everyday on our dry hands, cuts and skin. Been a lifesaver this winter.

Alicia S. 

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