About Us

Woman Owned & Operated

Glenna’s CBD Best Oil’s Owner & CEO is Glenna Colaprete-Hudson. She started the woman owned company in 2016, after successfully treating her chronic and painful neuralgia with CBD Tincture. She continues to take her tincture 2x daily and added 40+ products for help in potentially alleviating a wide variety of ailments. She is dedicated in helping all people and pets live their best life as pain free and joyfully as possible. She has won many awards, patents and other certifications during & after her 21+ successful engineering career.

This experienced CBD leader is a dedicated wife, mother, aunt, friend, employer, healer and innovator. You might find her or her family @ the farm, one of their stores, educational events or @ the retailers they sell in. No one is more dedicated to helping people, naturally. 

Innovative & Scientific

We grew using organic practices on a Farm in NY and also sources from the same farmers/processor since 2016. All products are formulated in a sterile environment led by scientists and field experts. We strive for consistent quality and continued research and development.

An experienced CBD Leader since January 2016. Glenna’s CBD Best Oil’s caring team, takes genuine pride in partnering from seed to sale to produce the best premium quality products guaranteed to exceed your expectations. Glenna’s CBD Best Oil strives to provide 100% full satisfaction and continued R&D in order to bring the best variety and quality products to you and your loved ones.



glenna - About Us

Glenna’s CBD Best Oil was organically developed by Glenna Colaprete-Hudson, who has suffered with chronic Neuralgia since 2003. She was in dire need of finding a healthy choice for pain relief that had no undesirable side effects. While visiting family in Denver, Colorado, she was introduced to CBD Oil.  It was a life-changing discovery! Since then, it has been her mission to research and cultivate CBD products that are safe, effective and third party tested. Her drive and passion became a budding reality when she developed Glenna’s CBD Best Oil in 2015. She sources products in Colorado, but has also harvested, dried and cured her own plants in New York. She has 3 of her own stores, 30+ Rochester & Buffalo stores carry her products as well as 11 states.

Glenna was a radio frequency engineer, planner, strategist and product developer for Verizon HQ for over 21 years. She has over 5 patents, a B.S., Master’s & Advanced Degree from RIT and is the Co-Chair of Mother’s For Others Service @ McQuaid High School. She has won numerous awards and has since retired from Verizon.


She spends her days helping people & pets find relief from pain, anxiety, inflammation, insomnia and more serious ailments. She is also a dedicated wife and mother of three children, who all help with the business in various ways. Glenna is adamant that everyone who works for her set and achieve their goals and is determined to help all people live their best life.