Jennifer N.

The current wave of CBD stores and products popping up everywhere … are NOT all the same!

My 20 yr old daughter has battled life altering migraines for 10 years now. Docs have tried EVERYTHING~~ or so we thought!!!

For Christmas, awesome brothers got her a bottle of Glenna’s Serenity Lotion (500 mg). Using it on her neck, temples and upper back has been life altering. The bottle lasted for 2 months!

Last week, I stopped to replace her Glenna’s CBD Lotion… Glenna’s was sold out.

CBD stores are everywhere now~~ so I wasn’t concerned. I grabbed another brand from a nearby store. MISTAKE. I figured if 500 mg helped, 2000 mg might completely knock the migraines out if her head!! The new lotion I found was 4x the price (for 2/3 the amount), the alternate brand left a greasy residue, and instead of the pleasant scent that helps relax her~ this inferior brand had an odor that made us both a little nauseous. Most important- at 2000 mg, the lotion did NOTHING.

The imposter CBD lotion offered ZERO tingly feeling and no relief. I felt as if I’d purchased her lotion off the back of an old horse & buggy I’m the 1800’s from a cure all pusher. I learned a very costly and valuable lesson this week~~ they’re NOT all the same.

When I visited Glenna’s I was thrilled to see I can have my daughter’s lotion delivered monthly (which brings the the price down even more) along with the knowledge she won’t run out again!